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3 Richest Gambler In The World

Can you imagine how many gamblers have a history of winning and losing money? We are not just thinking about hundreds of people, or even thousands. Hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions, have been gambling to try and win.

Even the top online casino games in Malaysia games we all know come with the odds tipped in favor of the dealer. V3 Casino is also one of the example. We are battling the odds regardless of whether we are trying to beat the dealer in a card game, or whether we are playing against machines.

If we look at people who have managed to make a living out of gambling, it seems they’re only making more money and keep getting more. 
Too much to help a lot of them earn millions. It would be odd if this were purely down to luck. More is there to it but let’s look at how these players are able to secure their jackpots. 

Source : Los Angeles Times

For having a Ph.D. in maths, it’s no wonder that Thorp will pull off gambling in large quantities of dollars. In fact it was Thorp who developed the technique that we now call the counting of cards.

 Thorp was a professor of mathematics before joining the gambling world, and was the first to use a computer machine to develop a strategy for card games. Thorp was also one of the first card counters to use disguises so that casinos could not back him off.

He’s also known to have played at baccarat, backgammon, and roulette, using many other advantage strategies, several of which are now illegal.

2. Bill Benter

Source : Acusis

Bill Benter, a Blackjack Hall of Fame person, used to be a mathematics professor before he began to practice counting blackjack chips. 

Benter was so effective with it after years of practice that casinos started banning him from playing due to the fact that he almost always would win. 

Because he was no longer a welcome sight, he turned to horse races and developed a model which enabled him to better predict race results. Subsequently, Benter developed a system to help other bettors position bets.

Benter cashes in $100 million annually, according to figures.

3. Zeljko Ranogajec

Source : The Times

This Australian dropped out of college to earn a fortune in blackjack, while being originally from a Crotian family.

Ranogajec was soon gaining huge sums of money with a photographic memory and a strong understanding of maths. He got great at it, and like Benter, Australia-wide casinos banned him from playing, forcing Ranogajec to gain other gaming experiences, mostly keno and horse racing. Ranogajec holds a record for a $7.5 million victory over keno.

There have subsequently been several theories and estimates of his net worth, with some saying that he makes more than $1 Billion USD a year! This is certainly not accurate, and Ranogajec himself said this figure had been inflated by the media.

Even so, an Australian finance magazine measured the net worth of Ranogajec at $600 million AU in 2019.

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