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Amazing Countries With The Best Diving Sites

Diving is an experience that is unimaginable. Words cannot explain the beauty of the underwater world. And people should not miss the opportunity to interact with such an amazing world. When traveling to different corners of the world, it has crossed our mind once or twice to take on a diving class and finally get that diving license malaysia.  This opens up a bizarre number of opportunities and expands our adventurous list. 

So now that we got our diving license, what are some of the best countries to travel for the perfect diving experience? 


The Maldives is one of the smallest and flattest countries around the world. It is also known around the world for its dreamy beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, and amazing seafood. So one can only imagine how beautiful underwater life is also in Maldives? Many tourists go to the Maldives for the underwater experience. Whether it is to dine in an underwater restaurant or stay a night in an underwater villa, or even go on a submarine, better yet take a diving expenditure! 

There are thousands of islands in the Maldives with 26 atolls. Each of these atolls has its own uniqueness in the underwater as well. Some parts of the island and ocean may be famous for manta rays while the other part is famous for spotting countless whale sharks and dolphins. The Maldives also has a plethora of colorful lagoons and coral life that simply blows our minds. A trip to the Maldives is certainly essential for a perfect diving experience.  


Iceland is the last country one expects to dive, but believe it or not, their underwater is just as mesmerizing as their landscape. We know Iceland is an incredibly adventurous country, without factoring in the diving experience. But imagine how much better it would be to have a sweet time in the Iceland Sea. They have crystal clear diving sites as well as geothermal chimneys waiting to be explored.  Various lava fissures, sea gardens, desserts ad even wrecks waiting to be explored. 


We know Spain for its colorful vibrance. We know it for their hospitality. We also know it for its rich history and beautiful architecture. What about the natural wonders of the ocean in the region of Spain? Spain is not all about its history and football. It is also about its abundant marine life. Spain has many different beachy islands with various diving sites. You stand the chance to witness varieties of colorful jellyfishes, large dolphins, barracuda, and other rich species in the ocean. 

South Africa

Diving in South Africa is not for the faint-hearted. It can give you the adventure of a lifetime with their varieties of shark species and whales. The marine life in South Africa is incredibly diverse and it is guaranteed to blow our minds. It is also the best country to witness the sardine run along with 100 coral species as well as vibrant fishes in the ocean. If watching sharks is on your list, you are bound to see more than a few of their species in the south African diving sites.