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Branding Versus Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Many use the terms branding and marketing in the same context. The terms are constantly interchanged and used in various scenarios. However, experts at the branding agency Malaysia have something different to tell you. 

It is about time people understand the difference between marketing and branding. Many are small business owners and as business owners, our knowledge of the two should be visible. So what’s the difference between the two? Even experts tend to use it interchangeably but it has a huge distinction.

Marketing is the process of creating value for your customer through a well-planned set of activities. Marketing does not equate itself to promotion. Contrary to the common belief, it does not hold one simple activity of promotion. Rather, marketing encompasses communication, selling, promoting, distributing, packaging, setting prices, and more. In the more well-known mix of marketing, there are 7 components, labeled as the “7ps of marketing”

The marketing mix consists of the place of distribution, price of the products, the products, promotion,  people, physical evidence, and the process. So from the point of constant at the warehouse to the channel of distribution and the experience with the product, it involves marketing.

Marketing is how we cultivate value and communicate it to the customer at each and every one of these points. For instance, the people element of marketing surrounds the question of the image your team represents, the individual involved in your marketing activities whether it is at the customer service desk or as the social media team manager or website developer.

Marketing is a lot of activities. And in the subset of activities, we have what we knew as branding. Branding and marketing often mistake for one another because of the likeness and similarity. But ofcourse, the similarity is to be expected when branding is a subset of marketing. Branding comes under integrated marketing communications.  

By definition, the act of branding is what creates an image of your company. Branding compasses of the logo design, the branding activities, the colors, mantras, slogans you choose, brand tone and so many more. The branding must align with the marketing objectives of the company. The branding elements we choose for a company are derived from the overall goals of your marketing plan. 

It is also important to understand that marketing strategies are never the same. While branding is part of marketing, it is not changing the way marketing is. Marketing strategies need to change according to customer interests, preferences, trends and so many more. As for branding, branding stay s consistent. The aim of branding is to improve recognition, awareness, salience, and recollection of the brand among people. On the other hand marketing drives sales.

Marketing and branding, while they are not the same but one is part of the other. Marketing comes right after we decide our branding. When we move forward with our branding, it boosts customers and employees who plan out the marketing strategies. Both require separate teams as the tasks are very different.

Do you have a clear understanding of how marketing differs from branding yet? Both are crucial aspects of our business and need to be learned for proper exposure, improved profitability, and awareness.