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How Time Fibre Internet Offers The best Results

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How important is a fast Internet connection for gaming? And how can the current situation be improved? Let’s find out in this article:

Online gamers around the world know that their gaming performance often correlates with their internet connection. Imagine an online session of a first person shooter like “Call of Duty” or “FIFA” with soccer matches against other players: slowdowns in the connection would cause problems that could not be remedied. Internet speed is a significant factor when competition with others is involved and all players have at least once railed against their connection because it is “lagging”, causing lost games, broken objects and endless fights with other players.

apply Time internet Malaysia

In Case Of Doubts

If you have any doubts, all that remains is to connect to the internet, turn off running programs, pause downloads and uploads and then use to carry out an adsl speed test that is able to correctly reflect the data of your internet connection.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed

First of all at the top of the list in terms of relevance we find the provider, having a high bandwidth may not be enough. There are three factors that determine connection performance and provides positive impacts of the Internet: upload speed, download speed, and ping speed.

Download Speed

Measured in megabits per second or (Mbps), download speed is the factor by which data can be received from various servers. Almost all internet options will have significantly faster download speeds than upload speeds.

Loading Speed

Upload speed comes into play when uploading videos or streaming your video games for others to view. If you are looking to stream then you will need a fast loading speed.


When it comes to online gaming, the ping rate is by far the most important measure there is. This is the signal sent from your console to the servers and is measured in milliseconds. The amount your network needs to get a good “ping” is called latency. The lower the latency, the better your gaming experience will be.

How To Improve Your Internet Connection

If you experience problems with your internet connection speed while playing the game, or you get a result below the acceptable minimum, there are some actions you can take to improve speed and stability, such as apply Time internet Malaysia.