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Ideas for An Intelligent Use of Space In the Kitchen.

Each kitchen is designed in a different way, but they all have one thing in common: the need for storage space. The space is always lacking in the kitchen and that makes it difficult to find the perfect solution to store all the utensils, appliances and other kitchen objects that are used every day, but that we do not need to have in sight. Whether you’re dealing with a small kitchen or building a huge new kitchen from scratch, follow these tips and techniques to take advantage of hidden spaces and make the most of your kitchen space.

Fooling The Eye

By using light-colored cabinets, walls, and surfaces, you can create the illusion of space without sacrificing storage space. Add a pop of color to simple things like backsplash finishes or kitchenware to keep the space from getting too boring.

The eye can also be tricked into seeing deeper by installing glass closet doors. Cabinets with glass doors provide a good storage place that also acts as a display of kitchenware by simply adding interior lighting. This will allow you to have a good amount of elegant storage space in the upper cabinets without making the space seem cramped and limited.

Kitchen islands provide a kitchen with additional work and storage area, but the side panels of the island are not usually used as storage space. Bottles of wine, kitchenware and spices can all fit elegantly into your own recessed shelving on the sides of an island. Even if you don’t have an island, the unused sides of wall and base cabinets can be used for shelves and built-in shelves.

Hidden Style

Finishes, raised patterns and other joinery work can add class and opulence to any kitchen. But the added beauty may be taking up space if drawers and closet doors need to be shortened to make room for these added refinements to your cabinets. Keep these ornamental additions and gain space by using these tall, narrow stash cabinets as a canning panel or spice rack.

The bottom of the cabinets is used for more than just lighting. Wall cabinets are essential for any kitchen to function. Wall cabinets often cast so much shade that the countertop spaces on which they are mounted cannot be worked without good lighting under them. Moving the lights to the wall you can use the lower areas of the wall cabinets to store things. Hanging baskets make it easy to store canned food, spices or crockery, freeing up more closet space for other things. These baskets can be removed like any other drawer, but they can also tilt and can be left fixed in that position to have easy access to what they store.

Corner Organizers

When cabinets and countertops meet perpendicularly, they often leave dead space in the corner that is formed. That’s where interior accessories and swivel corners come into play. They fit perfectly in the corner and allow you to gain a good amount of space where you can put all kinds of small, medium and large kitchen utensils. The Kitchen storage ideas organizers double as a drawer, while the swivel corners are better suited to hold heavy or flat items such as pots or cans.