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Managing Staff Discipline In Organizations

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Discipline management is of paramount importance in almost every aspect of humans’ lives for it encompasses individual behaviors, attitudes, perspectives in distinct subject matters, so on and so forth. Whether it is within the multitude of social, academic institutions, households, or workplaces, discipline is highly demanded for every possible betterment. Managing discipline is not the easiest of undertakings ever as it involves the training of people to abide by a particular code of behaviors or rules through punishing disobedience. When there is enforcement of rules and regulations, there are the nonconformists who rebel against the code of behaviors they feel insensible to abide by, thus the difficulties in nurturing a community that equivalently obeys. Nonetheless, it is still mandatory. Calling out top-level management personnel, suppose you are looking forward to promoting a disciplined workforce for the betterment of your organization, here are some fundamentals you can embark on. 

Private Office Room Policy

Presuming there are set-ups of private workspaces within your workplace, you may want to establish a standard of procedures (SOP) pertaining to the usage of this very confidential spot of the office. While it is separated from the open area of the office, it makes it easier for staff to work at a relatively slack pace due to a reduction in supervision. Some may even take advantage of space’s privacy nature by working on tasks that they should not be working on during office hours, for example watching movies on their laptops, watching their favorite celebrity’s live stream, so on and so forth. To prevent all sorts of shenanigans transpiring in the private office room, implement rules mentioning the dos and don’ts, and in case of violation, a warning letter will be issued. Not only that, set a time limitation of usage where staff can only access the private office for a period of a maximum time frame. Afterwards, they are to return the keys to the department in charge. These are the mere two regulations you can incorporate into your private office room policy and you are entitled to add in more providing they are sensible. 


Everybody is assigned different tasks on a regular basis and it is their ultimate obligation to abide by the due dates. In case of stumbling blocks, staff should always seek consultation and advice from their supervisors if they see the need to ask for an extension. An extension is perfectly alright provided it is feasible but staff should always maintain their fullest professionalism in handling the work they are assigned at all costs. Otherwise, punishment may be inflicted, light or heavy, it all depends on the organization itself. 

Bottom Line

These are the mere two most fundamental rules and regulations organizations should consider implementing and enforcing for the amelioration of their staffs’ efficiency and efficacy. Suppose you are looking to refurbish your private office rooms, you may seek expertise from operable glass partitions malaysia.