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Right Deals with the Serving Dishes and Platters

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With so many different kinds of tableware available, it’s time to go beyond formal and casual dinnerware designs. Hand-painted, patterned, solid, and banded are all examples of tableware sets that fall into these four categories. It is a great way to show who you is as an individual as well as improve the look of your home. Use a neutral colour scheme, such as white or ivory, for formal dinnerware sets to give yourself the most creative freedom.

The Quality and Colour

You may add colour and flair while still keeping the meal the star by selecting dinnerware with an eye-catching border or rim. Make a statement with your favourite colours and patterns when it comes to your more casual dinner plates. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Rather of relying on current fashion trends, you may want to consider employing products that are both ageless and traditional. As a result of their versatility, white products, whether solid or banded, have become so popular. Not only do they make the food seem more appetising, but they also provide a beautiful foundation for adding other colourful accent items to the table. As you buy serving dishes and platters malaysia you can have all the choices there.

Choosing tableware for a table setting

Now that you’ve decided what you want, it’s time to look at all of the many options you have. Is it better to buy a whole set of dinnerware or individual place settings? There are a lot of variables that might influence the answer, one of which is the specific set of needs and preferences you have. Consider the following factors before making a decision:

  • When it comes to formal tableware, place settings, which include every piece of china needed to serve a single meal, are generally included in the package. To put it simply, a place setting typically includes five pieces: a dinner plate, a salad or dessert plate, bread plate, teacup and saucer, and any other little items you may need. Singles and couples just starting out with a collection will find this set to their liking. Soup bowls are included in some sets.
  • There are several place settings in a dinnerware set to accommodate a big number of diners. A 20-piece set, which includes enough food to feed four people, is the most often bought set. Table settings typically include a dinner plate, a salad plate, a cup and saucer for each person.

Between eight and twelve five-piece place settings are recommended by most industry experts to ensure that you have enough tableware for both daily use and for entertaining friends and family. Choose four to six place settings for casual gatherings and up to 12 place settings for more formal ones if you’re buying two sets, one for daily use and the other for special occasions. It all depends on how many people live in your home, how frequently you have visitors, and how much storage space you have available.


Selecting white dinnerware that can be easily dressed up or down with different linens, chargers, and tablecloths is an additional choice. These dishes are appropriate for both formal and more casual gatherings. Accents like napkins may help provide colour and personality to a table that might otherwise be boring. If you want to reduce the effect of crockery with bright colours or designs, you may use these products as an alternative.

buy serving dishes and platters malaysia