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Signs That Your Friends Are Not A Good Influence In School

Friends in College

I am pretty sure you have already seen movies wherein the leading actor got into a bad situation and end up in jail because of his friends. Yes, this happens a lot of time and this can still happen if one will not watch out. But that is not the only reason why your parents will probably warn you for nth time to avoid bad associations, especially in school, where you will be on your own.

So, are you about to start college? After your SPM, you should start looking for a good college right away. This is the time when you have to be really serious in your studies as after this, you will start to become independent. Yes, you might still be living with your family, depending on the culture you are part of. But the bottom line is, this is the time when you should stand on your own two feet and start helping your parents.

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Grades are quite important at this time as it will matter a lot the moment you will start passing your resume. However, there are times when, even without meaning it, you will end up neglecting your studies and one of the reasons is because of bad associations. Maybe you won’t realize right away that your friends are not good for you. So, what are the signals that you must start staying away from them? Check this out:

When you are with a parasite

This friend is trying to live off you. You always feel depleted every after you are with him. It is as if he is sucking your resources, like you are the one always giving in. This is not a good thing, considering you are still a student. This will surely stress you off.

He is selfish

He does not really care about you like he will just be there when he wants something from you. But from the moment you need him, he is hardly visible. He can be demanding like asking you to do his assignments and all and even copying from you at that.

He does not forget your little misgivings

He holds grudges like he is always hitting you back with the mistakes you have done in the past. It seems like you have to pay for what you did all the time. It seems that if you don’t do what he wants, he will always talk about your mistakes again.

Always negative

You have a friend that is quite pessimistic. You can hardly decide on something and he starts talking about negative what ifs. This is really annoying, and you can easily lose your good ideas because of him.

Watch this video on how to be more positive:

When you are in kolej, the lessons are not as easy as when you are at the secondary level. This is why you need to focus more and bad associations can’t help for sure.