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The Future Of Live Streaming

Live streams have seen a lot of attention by the mass public lately. With the rise of virtual youtubers, or vtubers, who are 3D avatars streaming games that became a massive trend all over the world. There are two vtuber agencies that are popular in the community which are Cover Corp that is responsible for Hololive and Ichikara who established Nijisanji. Originated from Japan, these companies have grown so massive over the last decade that they are able to publish branches in other countries as well such as Indonesia, Korea, and English branches consisting of multiple English speaking talents from other countries. They became popular not only because of the aesthetics of their avatar, but also for their personality and talents they display on stream and their social media pages. However, they mainly stream on Youtube as it is the best platform to attract all kinds of audience. 

Aside from Youtube, there are many other live streaming platforms that offer the same kind of services, but are less popular than the ones that we know today. Because of that, these streaming platforms do not get the chance to shine and have a difficult time to be in their target audience’s radar. So, what are the best live streaming platforms we have today?

As you may know, Facebook is one of the most popular social media companies in the world. It is also the top social media companies malaysia in KL. It became popular because it is the first social media platform of its kind to provide a platform where everyone can create an account and socialize with others. With a wide variety of features, Facebook ensures that their users will always find a purpose in using their platform instead of others. In 2018, they have developed a live streaming platform called Facebook Gaming which allows their gaming users to stream their content anytime, anywhere. Facebook Gaming also helps to separate gaming content with other contents to filter the videos and make searching for videos much easier, 

Besides that, you may have heard of Twitch if you are a gamer. It has become the most popular streaming platform for games as it is developed for gaming live streaming content. There are many Youtubers who have resorted to live streaming on Twitch due to the inconsistency of monetization from Youtube. But, this also offers them an opportunity to interact with their audience like never before as they can stream games and chat with their fans. Additionally, Youtubers are able to upload their whole streams into their Youtube channel which allows their fans who clip their videos to make their own videos and create a compilation while crediting the source.

Live stream offers an opportunity to interested individuals to gain fame while doing the things they love. A wood carver who streamed on Twitch with the most basic setup has garnered so much attention that he even got gifted new streaming gears that significantly improves his streaming quality. Live streaming can be one of the best places to gain fame if you have the talent of providing entertainment to your audience.

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