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The Impact of Data Backup In Broadcasting Industry Production

data backup software

Compared to other industries, the media and film industries have long had to manage big data on a daily basis. Over the past decade, the media and film industry has transformed audio and video capture, production, playback and archiving into digital media formats to support and complement today’s broadcast technologies. This involves not only new content, but also the transformation of previous film and television content to prevent it from being damaged or lost.

With the rapid growth of media content in terms of format, size and density, media and film companies need storage solutions that can provide super capacity and superior performance. For example, it takes six times as much capacity to convert a standard definition video to high definition. The storage and management of a digital video library needs a huge capacity, usually TB or even PB level.

In addition, standard video playback involves complex and repetitive workloads such as multi-copy transmission, multi-channel broadcasting, video on demand, and bulk backup. These operations must be carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to large capacity, a video archiving system must also be able to support daily operations such as frequent video search and retrieval while maintaining superior performance and availability.

data backup software

The big data management challenges faced by media and film and television enterprises now involve daily work processes. In film production, multiple rendering tools and visual effects applications such as CGI, VFX, 3D and motion capture animation have become common post-production tools. In addition, multiple editing teams work together to work on different parts of the film at the same time. To support these workflows, the storage system must be able to collect, transmit, and retrieve massive data and provide high performance, throughput, and IOPS.

In order to support frequent and massive data generation during the whole production process, a large data storage capacity is necessary. Petabytes of data can easily be generated during the production of HD movies, and even more in 3D. Therefore, in order to speed up the post-production workflow, the capacity and scalability of the storage solution is critical.

To support blu-ray players, TVs, audio and other devices, many companies in the media and film industries need to transcode and store content in different file formats to meet the needs of users using computers, smartphones and tablets. Each file needs to be tailored and serviced for a particular device, leading to more and more complex data types and higher demand for storage capacity. At the same time, media and film companies also have to deal with the vast amount of multimedia content generated by users using various end devices, which also needs to be stored, archived, viewed and tracked.

Therefore, a good data backup software is very important for the broadcasting industry production.