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Types Of Nursing Pads

disposable nursing pads Malaysia

As a nursing mother, it is normal to have milk leakage especially when your baby refuses to breastfeed. It is really mentally and emotionally challenging especially when you have just gone through a long day. Changing your shirt a lot of time will not help. There are a lot of solutions to this problem but one of them is by using nursing pads.

disposable nursing pads Malaysia

If you have never heard of nursing pads, they are designed to fit into any bra, whether it’s a nursing bra with a strap clip, a sports bra, a hands-free pumping bra, or even a conventional bra. The pads are composed of absorbent fabric, generally cotton or bamboo, to absorb any extra fluids from your breasts, and they’re gentle on delicate skin, which is especially essential if you have sore, painful nipples.

There are four types of nursing pads that you can easily purchase in store or from any online shop:

1.       Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads eventually save a lot of your money because you can simply wash it after usage and keep it in a dry place. You will be able to use the nursing pads again and again. They’re also good for the environment because you’re not throwing away numerous pads every day (they won’t wind up in a landfill). You’ll need to buy a few pairs since you’ll need to replace them frequently, and you’ll want to have a few pairs on hand while others are being washed.

2.       Disposable nursing pads

With the same functions of reusable nursing pads, it is more convenient if you love to travel. Disposable nursing pads Malaysia is meant for one-time usage and should be discarded after absorbing your breast milk for a length of time. They’re ideal for on-the-go because they often come individually wrapped and can be thrown away once they’ve served their function. This is the best type if you want to try various thickness and sizes for your nursing pads because you can just one pair for each type or brand. The thing about disposable nursing pads is it can get expensive over time as you will have to keep on repurchasing it but there are a lot that are affordable that you can find in stores.

3.       Silicone nursing pads

Nursing pads made of silicone are not absorbent. To avoid leaks, they apply moderate pressure to the breast. These pads are made of soft silicone and feature an adhesive surface that attaches directly to your breast, allowing them to be used with or without a bra. Silicone nursing bra has quite different shapes from the other types so they’re frequently used beneath expensive attire or when swimming.

4.       Hydrogel pads

This nursing pad is not used to cover leakages but it is specially made to help soothe and heal breast pain or sore nipples. They may be kept in the fridge or freezer to give cold relief. If you experience sore nipples frequently, hydrogel pads may be beneficial if you have painful, cracked nipples.

Being a breastfeeding mother, you have to know about these things as it helps to support some problems related to nursing.