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Website-Tips to Improve Web Design

Many studies roughly estimate that people prioritize access to content based on the fashion and attractive design and functionality of the website. As a result, most people prefer website design and functionality elements that help them discover relevant information. One study found that a third of people (around 33% of people) spend only 1 to 3 hours online to have fun and enjoy themselves in everyday life. Another point found by the same research is that nearly 94% of people said that easy and smooth navigation is the most important feature of a website that attracts users. Nearly 83% -84% of people appreciate it when their website design and graphics are up to date and very attractive and decent.

Based on recent studies about web design, we have concluded that people around the world want to limit the time they spend online. Therefore, many companies such as an online store selling baby gift set Malaysia needs to develop more interesting websites. Assuming that people want to spend less time on the internet and businesses need to build more engaging websites, we’ve put together the best tips for website features. Below are some of the best tips for website features written.

  • Easy and simple navigation: 

The website should be easy to navigate and user-friendly so that visitors or potential customers do not find it difficult to search for anything. 

  • Relevant and authoritative content:

The content on your business website should be relevant and authoritative. Do no most random things on your website. It will leave a negative impact on your potential customers and, therefore, be careful and smart. 

  • Digital media as an extension of the company website:

Add all the extensions or links of your digital or social media accounts on your website so that customers can easily find you other sites as well. 

  • Personal blog of a company:

Write personal blogs for your company and let people know more about your work.

  • Fashionable and eye-catching design:

The design of your business website should be eye-catching and up-to-date. 

  • Great user experience:

Your website must provide an excellent user experience. 

  • Beautiful images and product descriptions

Add pictures of your business products or team on your business website and also write detailed descriptions about the products. 

As time goes by, most people around the world are becoming more selective about the time they spend online. Recent research has shown that the average adult spends 6 to 7 hours a day on social media, but after realizing this now, many people begin to be wary of the Internet’s impact on their daily lives and minimize their time online. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are planning to develop a website but have no idea how to design your website. So when people browse a website, you need to know that all they want is easy navigation, attractive, clean design, and most importantly, relevant content. Even if you’re still having a hard time developing a website for your business, the best way is to get the job done with an expert. Jumix is ​​the website design company in Penang that can take all your tensions related to web design.

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