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What are gate valves?

An open gate valve is often used to entirely shut off fluid flow in a pipeline or, when fully open, to provide full flow in a pipeline, depending on the application. As a result, it may be utilised in either the totally closed or fully opened positions. It is composed of many parts: the valve body, seat, and disc; a spindle; a gland; and an operational wheel for working the valve. The seat and the gate work together to provide the function of interrupting fluid flow.

An open gate valve has no impediment in the flow route and hence has a very low pressure drop when it is completely open. If the fluid is very viscous, a specific style of gate valve known as a knife gate valve may be employed to prevent the valve from closing.

When it comes to regulating flow, gate valves are often not employed since the flow rate of the fluid is not proportionate to how much of the valve is opened. Furthermore, a partly open gate valve malaysia may be subjected to vibration, which may cause the valve to shift away from its designated position. If the valve is only half open, it is possible that the gate and seat may experience severe wear.

Gate valves are often not ideal for controlling flow or pressure, and they are also not suited for operation in a partly open state. A stopper valve or a control valve should be utilised for this kind of service. The fact that a gate valve needs many turns to open or shut entirely must be noticed. This is due to the way in which the valve is constructed. When completely opened, gate valves provide negligible resistance to flow, with an equivalent length to diameter ratio (L/D) of around 8 when fully opened.

Gate valves are distinguished by the presence of a “gate” that shuts in a plane perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow. They are typically utilised for on/off, non-throttling service, as the name implies. Because of the shearing of high-velocity flow, a partly open disc will shake and chatter, causing damage to the seating surfaces and the inability to achieve a tight seal in the process. Their use ranges from steam to water to oil to air to gas and they are suited for the vast majority of fluids. A solid wedge disc or a flexible wedge disc may be used in the construction of gate valves. Gate valves, in addition to providing on/off service, may be used to regulate flow. They are often available in sizes 6 in. and bigger, however they will clatter unless the disc is completely directed throughout its path.
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