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Why Motivation Is Important To A Construction Team

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Almost every day we deal with employees who failed to finish a task on time. They would show up with lame excuses on why they are late or how they are taking an absence from work. They will show a lack of accountability in the work they do. Even when handling delicate sections of construction and building materials Malaysia, we as employers are astonished by the lack of care among the team. 

Employers used to simply generalize this kind of tardiness and lethargy in work as “laziness” but when in reality there is a better explanation. When an entire section of your construction team is acting in similar patterns of unproductivity, then the answer is usually the lack of motivation. 

Every company, project, team needs motivation. Biologically it is what activates the person to a certain behavior. Me writing this article with utmost research and hours of exploration is a sign of being motivated. I am initiating and guiding myself towards goal-oriented behavior. However, the force of motivation is me and everyone else is not just biologically determined. It is social, emotional, and cognitively detrimental. People’s cognitive abilities change the way they observe and do goal-oriented actions. How we perceive our environment and what we prioritize also changes the forces of motivation. More notably we understand motivation in the workplace based on the extrinsic factors and intrinsic factors that drive motivation. 

construction and building materials malaysia

Both of these intrinsic and extrinsic factors can change the pace of work among construction team members. The stimulation of productivity is hundred with a lack of motivation and the driving forces and factors of it.

A motivated employee is more likely to be a productive employee. The motivated employee is motivated by several factors within and outside of th team. One of the most important factors that fuel their motivation, hence that fuels productivity is communication between team members and leaders, great incentives, flexibility in the work environment, proper hierarchy, level of participation, praises and rewards, and ofcourse, the enlightenment that they have a future in the team. And a chance for progression. Without hope for the future, they are less likely to put in the effort to show their best work. All of these factors can easily change the lagging productivity situation in the team.

The other amazing effect of being a motivated construction team member is the high job satisfaction. When people are satisfied they are less likely to leave the job hence the lowered turnover rate for the company. They can lower the cost of acquiring good employees by instilling motivating factors for the employees. 

So in the essence of motivating construction team members, it is not only about the job satisfaction, or the productivity rate. The benefits are not limited to just the employees. The benefit is massive for the company that is trying to double the workout put, and deliver quality work to their clients. Brand reputation improves, the cost of operations is lower and the cost of turnover rate decreases, and the overall business operations will pick up at a faster rate. A company with motivated employees is a company filled with innovation, development, and progress.

So should employers take a moment to understand how to improve their motivation? Yes, they absolutely should! Motivation is a neccesity for business.